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The block from all over the world gather together by importers in block storage area. All of them are choosed carefully by experienced workers. Remove the suitable large blocks to fabricator to have sliced into thin slabs, and finish the surface(polish, hone, chisel or other methods)then cut into the finished size, box and ship. The reserve of stone material resources guarantee the quality of our products.

You can find Galala Beige, Nero Marquina, Sunny Antique, Emperador Dark, Selvia, Botticino, Cream Marfil, Bianco Carrara,Sunny Yellow,Red Alicante,Royal Botticino etc in our block storage area. In this area, careful supervision and marking of each block as they are fabricated so when they arrive to the job they are ready for the final fabrication process.

As you know, as a kind of nature stone, it’s hard, tough and durable. There are so many uncertain factors influence the the usage rate of block cutting. So how to cut the block in a unwaste way is very important. We have advanced epuipment to deal with quality block.The advanced machine Jig Saw Cut can cut the block in a useable way. The block is placed on a steady platform and multiple cutting heads are slowly worked into the block with plenty of water cooling and lubricating the process until the cutting heads have come all the way through the stone. This method of cutting use a very fine stream of water which is fauceted through a nozzle at extremely high pressure against the rock.

Lay down the slabs also is a technical work. So experienced worker is indeed. Some workers are not so experienced in this work, they always crack the slabs.

The slabs always have some small holes or fissure, so gumwater brush is indeed. According to this process, the slabs become smooth.

Then, take the slabs which have brushed gumwater to the ground under sunshine. It need nature dried by sunshine.

Automatic polish in mechine after the slabs dry by sunshine. This working procedure is not like granite polish. Granite polish is one slab by one slab by workers. Marble polish is pieces by pieces by automatic polishing lines, and the surface of marble can be more smooth.

The slabs after polised heap in marble slabs warehouse. Usually theirs deep are 1.7 cm, most of them are saled domestic, not for foreign sale.

As a slab less than 2cm thick, it is easy cracked when convey it if you are not so careful.

We use infrared cutting mechine to cut slabs. It has a professional marble cutting saw. What worker do is just input the dimension in operating system, and then the mechine would work by itself. By this mechine, edge collapsed or crack can be well avoided.

In order to strenthen our marble, we use fibreglass line-forcing bar to strengthen them. The reason why we use fibreglass is that it is a very tough and resilient material and it’s extremely light. Our workers can easily fix them to groove. So our marble is more tough and durable than others.

We excavate groove which are used to affix the fibreglass line-forcing bar in the back of slabs,and then cut them down pieces by pieces. By this method, it can’t be crack easily. Other companies’ workers are no used to work like this. Their slabs are easier crack than ours.

After fix the fibreglass line-forcing bar into the groove, we brush gumwater up them. This is our own craftwork to strenthen our marble. Of course, experienced worker is indeed. If you not fullfilled the groove, the fibregalss line- forcing bar would loosen after period of time.

Sometimes we don’t have suitable color or quality block to process vanity tops that our customers need. So we buy slabs from market. As a responsible company, even if we buy slabs, we also re-brush them with our gumwater and glass fibre to strenthen them. So no matter whether slabs from our factory or from market, this working procedure is indeed.

Sink openning by experienced worker. Single or double sinks depends on our customers. When workers cut on slabs, it need good hand feeling so that they can cut with pre-drawing circle correctly.

Experienced and careful women workers polish the marble vanity tops. After sink openning, the edges are not so smooth that can be marble vanity tops. Polishing creates a reflective surface giving the material brightness and a mirror-like effect. This intensifies the colors and enhances the pattern. It also reduces the porosity somewhat, thereby increasing resistance to chemical agents.

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