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Granite Vanity Tops :

    Here is a foto that baltic brown kitchen countertops for apartment or condominium, You can find it is good support by solid steel frame with safety strap. Beside Baltic Brown countertops you can also find bar tops with bullnose finish. The surface look so bright because we resin the surface then start the polish so no any pitted or sand holes.
    And Baltic brown Finland original we choose for apartment are always Darker color which is #12 quarry or Redder #8 SC quarry , Both of them are expensive more than Baltic brown light color and with good textile no black spots.
     We are familiar with USA, Canada, England and New Zealand market quality request. Contact us now and let us make money together.

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Countertop Vanity tops kitchen tops prefabricated slabs

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Baltic Brown Granite has been quarried in Finland since 1972. It is a hard and durable natural stone used on both interiors and exteriors. This natural stone has a higher level of pitting than other natural stones and cannot take a high gloss polish. It is coarse grained and features large irregular crystals in brown and tan tones with accents of green and black specks. The colors range from deep browns to light tans.
Baltic Brown is classified into four different types at the quarry according to the color and quality of the stone.
ED (extra dark)- A dark Baltic Brown Granite suitable for monuments, interior decorations, and tiles.
D (dark)- A dark Baltic Brown for granite kitchen counters, monuments, interior decorations, and demanding building projects.
M (medium)- A medium brown color used specifically for building projects.
L (light)- The most economical and lightest toned stone.
Since there can be some variation in appearance, it's best to view your stone before purchasing.
COUNTRY: FINLAND- Ylamaa, Miehikkala, Savitaipale
COLOR: Brown-black with spherical shaped brown crystals
HARDNESS: 6.0 (Mohs)
ALSO CALLED: Baltic Braun, Baltic Brovn, Baltic Brun, Baltik Braun, Baltik Teak, Brown Baltic, Bruno Baltico, Coffe Diamond, GA 501, Kugelgranit, Marron Baltico, Marrone Baltico, Rapakiwi-Granit, Ylaemaan Ruskea
SIMILAR STONES: Brown Ukraine, Monola Brown
SCIENTIFIC TERMINOLOGY: European Standard: Granite/ US and Chinese Markets: Granite
USES INCLUDE: Kitchen Countertops and Islands, Vanities, Bars, Tub Decks, Fireplace Surrounds, Hearths, Stair Treads, Wall Cladding, Bench Seats, Window Sills, Monuments, Signs.

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